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Tel Aviv, “the city that never sleeps”, stretches along the beautiful golden beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and is Israel’s largest most cosmopolitan cities. Israel Unlimited can offer you the opportunity to explore this energetic city by foot, motor Segways, or private bus. Visit one of famous Israeli markets, take a stroll along the fashion streets of Shenkin or Dizengoff, take a tour at Independence Hall, the place where Israel was declared a state, or visit one of the many beautiful art galleries the city as to offer.

Minutes away from the center of Tel Aviv lays Jaffa, the ancient port city which is 4,000 years old. Take a guided tour of the beautiful churches, markets, and don’t forget to make a wish on the “wishing bridge” while overlooking the beautiful skyline of Tel Aviv. While In Jaffa, rein act the battles of Richard Lion heart, Napoleon, and Salamanca. Our private tour guides are local telavivians that will share with you the magical places and anecdotes that only the locals know. Tel Aviv can be seeing by walking, by biking or on the water.

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