Israel is a unique combination of ethnic groups, climate, food and colors. We invite you our Pilgrim Israel Tour. Meet the locals and taste the delicious cuisines. Our team will find out with what do you like to do and see, what is your dream trip to Israel, and will design the plan in which you will receive a soft and hard copy of your trip, and most important, in the rented car you will receive at the airport, you will find a mobile phone with unlimited data and a Israeli number. In the phone you will have the whole tour’s route and sites to visit. You will receive an Israel Unlimited card in which you will pay the sites, activities and lunches. Our team in the office will assist with any question you have for a flawless trip. Come and discover the land of Israel.

Here is our popular route that can be altered based on your personal preferences:

Day 1- Welcome to Israel

Fly from NYC or Toronto to Israel, upon landing, you will have a rented car to lead you to your hotel in Tel Aviv. We recommend an afternoon walk in the streets and allies of Jaffa with a Mediterranean dinner in front of the Marine. Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2- The Judean Lowland

Visit the Independence hall to get a better sense of the dilemmas of the pioneers prior to the establishment of Israel. Continue to the Ayalon Bullet factory that was filmed for the History Channel two years ago. Light lunch with premium wine, will wait for you at the "Biblical Tuscany” (Judea Hills). In the early afternoon turn into an archeologist and dig real cave from the Greek period. Dinner will be Bedouin style at a Bedouin village in the south and will be followed by a bone fire and a meeting with a Bedouin. Overnight: Tent/ Cabin or room with shower and A.C at the Bedouin Village.


Day in the Galilee; where you will meet local people that work the land, live in a kibbutz, see and feel the sites where Jesus and the disciples were living and helping the local people.

The tour is US$2,000 per guest and includes the following:

Personal planning of the tour in Israel
Soft and hard copy of the tour with sites explanations
A mobile phone with unlimited data and electronic route of your trip in Israel including all points that were planned.
International flight from NYC/ Toronto to Tel Aviv
4 days, 4 nights in a 4 star hotels in a double room
An Israel Unlimited debit card to pay all sites & activities.
A back office for any question before and during the trip
Level 2-rented car for 4 full days
Basic car insurance (that can upgraded at the rental car offices)
The special program is valid from December 10, 2016 through March 20th, 2017.
The offer is for Minimum 2 guests and maximum 18 guests


Connecting flights in the US or Canada

Hotel and Hotel rooms can be upgraded
Local Tour Guide can be requested 48 hours before arrival at specific regions and sites.

Day 3- The Lowest Place in the World

Wake up and have a Bedouin breakfast at the tent. Drive to discover Masada National Park that tell the story of a roman siege of 960 Jews in 73 A.D. descend the Mt with a cable car to reach a beach at the lowest place in the world- The Dead Sea. Enjoy floating while reading the “Dead Sea Journal” and cover your body with healthy black mud. Stop by Kumeran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and then head to a beautiful panoramic view of the Judea desert and head to the holy city of Jerusalem. Check in hotel and discover the tasty cuisine of the city. Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 4- Jerusalem’s Old City

Discover the magical history of Jerusalem including the Mt of Olives, City of David; where 3,000 years ago King David built for the 12 tribes, Last Supper Hall, King David Tomb, the four quarters: Armenian, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. See the Western Wall and have an authentic lunch with hot pita bread, fresh salads and humus. Walk along the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Seplecure. Explore the Arab market and return to the hotel through Jaffa Gate (Pay attention to the three signs in the gate and their language). In the evening have a special summery of the era at the Sound and light show at the Tower of David. Our team can book you dinner chosen from the best restaurants the city offers. Overnight: Jerusalem

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