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We encourage you to spend a day tour in one of the seven wonders of the world - the ancient city of Petra; located a couple of Hours from the sunny city of Eilat, Israel. Petra offers a full day tour of History, adventure and beauty.The city was carved in a red sandstone rock and offers many sites such as the short hike in the Siq, the lost city and the treasury.

Israel Unlimited takes care of the arrangements from picking you up from your hotel, arranging your visa to Jordan and provides you with private border assistance in both countries. The car we use is driven by an English speaking driver and an experienced licensed Jordanian Tour Guide. Below is an example of a Day Tour in Petra, Jordan

The drive to Petra takes you through remarkable scenery where Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones were filmed. During the drive the guide explains about the history of Jordan, its culture and various views along the route. Upon arriving to Petra, we leave the vehicle and enter the ancient site. The traditional entrance is through the imposing and beautiful Siq canyon, which in itself is one of the main attractions in Petra. We pass via silica quarries, the Jinn blocks and the Obelisk Tomb.

At the entrance to the siq, we see the beginning of Petra's ingenious water system and ancient arch. The walk takes about half an hour and then the breathtaking experience of first stepping foot inside Petra is upon us. The walk through Petra is made easy by the endless sights and fascinating facts, all bringing to life a history as colorful as the red sandstone rock surrounding the area. Lunch is served either in a Bedouin tent or in a hotel. Following lunch, we begin the walk back to our vehicle, for the journey back to Eilat. Time permitting; we stop at the Beach city of Aqaba.

We also offer the opportunity to experience a Petra Tour by night. Guided by candles and starlight, tour the paths of Petra in a memorable way. The candles are lit twice a week whereas you can tour Petra by day any day of the week.

Our guests wrote us a review on their day tour in Petra:

One of our tour highlights was flying into Eilat, crossing the border into Jordan and spending the day in Petra. It was like being in a national geographic video. It's Delightful, and our first view of the treasury is unforgettable. Our Jordanian guide was so friendly, helpful and spoke good English. On our hike to Petra, the guide showed us things that are not common to all visitors. We believe the success of our trip was due to the fabulous company of Israel Unlimited who anticipated our every need and planned the day thoughtfully. We never once felt threatened and we will be back to uncover more of it.

Alan and Gina Bigman, NYC

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