Jerusalem Tours

"Pray for the well being of Jerusalem, may those who love you be at peace" (Psalms 122:6)

Welcome to the Holy land of Jerusalem. Israel Unlimited offers a wide range of guided and personal tours in the city of Jerusalem. As you explore the centre of the world, relive the history of King Solomon, King David, Jesus, and the Arc of Covenant

Tour for example:
Start your day in Jerusalem from the highest point of the city- Mt of Olives to view the Old and the New city- the centre of the Bible. Continue according to your religion and believe in to the Old city alleys and street and see the people, colors and smells of the four quarters: Jewish, Muslim, Armenian and Christian.

See the known historical sites that you learned, heard and prayed for all your life, and walk off the beaten track to be a local rather than a tourist. Take a break from history while you sip a sweet mint tea and see the Jerusalemites smoke a hookah, dip your hot pita bread in the humus plate and taste falafel. The day can continue in the old city or in the new city to explore the reopened Israel Museum with its Shrine of the book exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Another way of ending the day is with a Segway Tour in the quaint neighbourhood of Jerusalem.
The night life in Jerusalem offers several options from the delicious top gourmet restaurant to Audio Visual show or a live concert in one of the live music clubs located in the city.

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