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Enjoy the landscapes and beauty of Israel from a “birds eye view” and choose from one of our unique helicopter tours. You will enjoy our specialized service from the moment you take off from our pilots who are experienced and certified. Below are some of the Helicopter tours we offer:

Tour #1 Jerusalem the City of Gold
You will take off from Tel Aviv Sde Dov’s airport (which is conveniently located in central of Tel Aviv). Fly south along the Mediterranean coastline over the ancient port city of Jaffa. Then turn inland to the Judean Hills and thru Sha’ar Hagai, which is the site where many historical battles took place for the control of Jerusalem. As you approach into Jerusalem you will be able to view the new Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum as it pierces out of the Jerusalem Hills. Take a view of Israel’s Knesset (Parliament), the Supreme Court, and the Israel Museum with the famous Shrine of the Book. Shortly after you will see your first site of the Old City of Jerusalem. See the Western Wall, The Temple Mount, the Walls of the Old City, Mt. Scopus, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mt. of Olives. This is a great introductory tour that allows you to put the city in perspective from above. If requested, it is possible to land and explore Jerusalem with a tour guide or fly back to Tel Aviv.
Duration of tour: 1 hour

Tour #2 Dead Sea and Masada
Same as Tour #1 with an extension into the Judean Desert. Leave Jerusalem and fly through the canyons of the Wadi Qelt to see the Monastery of St. George and continue to Jericho, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Continue along the shores of the beautiful Dead Sea (the lowest place on earth) and past the oasis of Ein Gedi as you make your way to the final destination of Masada. To see the magnificent fortress of Masada from the air is quite breathtaking. If requested, it is possible to land nearby and explore Masada and then return back to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv
  Duration 2 hours

Tour #3 Mediterranean Coast
You will take off from Tel Aviv Sde Dov’s airport (which is conveniently located in central Tel Aviv). Fly low along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to view the beautiful beaches and coastline cities as your travel north. You will view the most important power plant in Israel and then fly over the magnificent Roman port of Caesarea which Herod built defying nature. You can easily see Herod’s Palace, the Roman Amphitheater and the hippodrome from the helicopter as well as the Roman aqueduct- an incredible engineering feat that was built by the tenth Roman Legion.

  Continue north passing over the archeological excavations at Dor and over Atlit, a Crusaders’ fortress also used by the British as a prison, post WWII with the influx of Jewish immigrants into Israel. Next you will view the third largest city in Israel and fly over Haifa that sits on the spine of Mt. Carmel. You will get a stunning glimpse of the Bahai Gardens that sit on the Western Slope. Across from the Haifa Bay is Akko (Acre) with its picturesque moat, marina, and mosques. We continue north until you are able to see the grottos of Rosh Hanikra- beautiful chalk caves carved by the forceful waves of the Mediterranean. On the return flight we take you approximately 5 KM inland where you can see different villages, beautiful nature and lush plains of the Sharon area. Return to Tel Aviv.
  Duration 2 hours, 20 min

Tour #4 The Jewel in the Crown
Same as Tour #3 until Akko, where you will divert east through the Jezerel Valley toward Nazareth, the city where Jesus grew up. Continue from Nazareth circle towards Mt Tabor where you can see the magnificient Church of the Transfiguration on the top. Continue through the Netofa Valley on the way to Tiberius and the Sea of Galilee ( Lake Kinneret). From Tiberius you will travel into the Golan Heights-- start to understand the geo-political strategic importance the Golan is to Israel. Follow the Jordan River southwards through the Jordan Valley, also hnown as the Rift Valley, to Bet Shean, one of the cities of the Roman Decapolis. From here you will fly into a small landing strip next to de Beif Alfa for refueling and a chance to try some mint tea. After, you take off again to continue south flying over to Jericho, the Ein Gedi oasis, and Massada. Your final approach will be flying over the Judean Desert to Jerusalem, the City of Gold for a stunning view of the Old City. Return to Tel Aviv.
  Duration 4 hours

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