Dead Sea and Masada Tours

The Dead Sea region is the lowest place on earth (situated 1400 feet) below sea level and is full of sunshine over 320 days a year. It has a stunning turquoise colour that radiates from miles away and is surrounded by a breath taking desert landscape. The Dead Sea is not like any other sea, because it is 33% salt and is enriched with 22 unique minerals that allows you to float and rejuvenate your body all day long. We offer unlimited opportunities to explore the region with the most experienced and trained guides specializing in archaeology, history, and adventure. Israel Unlimited can easily arrange day tours that consist of relaxing spa packages and hikes to Masada as well as overnight trips ensuring you an unforgettable, educational and unique experience in this region

Bedouin Experience: If you're looking to spend a night at one million star hotel as well as receive a cultural experience of a lifetime, why not sleep in a Bedouin tent in the Dead Sea Region.

At the Bedouins tent you will experience first class hospitality as you feast on various Arabic salads, kebabs, vegetable and rice dishes, and the traditional homemade pita bread. After your meal sip on delicious mint tea in front of your own personal bonfire, and dance the night away under the clear starry sky. The next day, wake up to an authentic Bedouin breakfast for an exciting desert safari excursion and end your tour by the traditional camel ride in the desert

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