Culinary Tours

Israel is a melting pot full of diverse cultures that offers many choices of cuisines from all over the world. Israel Unlimited culinary tours feature fabulous foods and savory wines that are grown right here in the Holy Land.

Our tours give you the chance to pick fresh fruits and vegetables directly from nature, prepare your meals with renowned chefs, and sample the meals after your hard work is finished. Culinary tours not only give you the opportunity to see Israel in a different light but they also allow you to see and touch the land.

Israel Unlimited's offers a wide range of culinary day experiences that can be combined with a tour of your choice. We specialized in customizing every detail of your trip. Bon Appétit!

Some excerpts from our culinary days around Israel...

Check out our newest culinary tour Renowned chef form the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary arts, Carmit Elkayam, is waiting for you in the kitchen. She specializes in designing organic and healthy cuisines that will leave you with your taste buds satisfied and a give you sense of awe.


Begin the day with a magical view of the Old City of Jerusalem from on top of the Mt. of Olives. Descend in time through the Western Wall tunnels with an extraordinary private tour. Your mid morning treat will be some delicious apple strudel in a hidden spot, on a stunning balcony, absorbing the Jerusalem day to day life. Continue the tour in the Old City en route to the Arab market for some mouth watering hummus, a visit to the tehini factory and some sweet delicacies. Next, you will arrive in the Armenian quarter for some more tasty offerings and insights into the numerous cultures and religions that animate the holy city. Lunch will be served in an ancient house, cooked by one of the most innovative Israeli chefs. Energized by tasty food and educational insights into the holy city, you will revel in your imagination and paint pottery in the afternoon before an enjoyable dinner in one of Jerusalem’s gastronomic restaurants.

Western Galilee:

This day commences with various religions; from a visit to the unique and stunning Bahai gardens, learning about one of the youngest monotheistic religions to a small, cozy Tunisian synagogue. After a cultured morning you enter a vibrant market in the crusader’s fortress of Acco to taste the best hummus in the country, drink sweet coffee and meet a culinary magician. Lunch will be at a delicious fish restaurant, where you are given the option to assist in the cooking with the owner and well known chef. A leisurely cable car journey is the afternoon’s recreations, with some sightseeing of interesting sites in the region, before heading towards the remains of a castle for a show and wonderful dinner.

Tel Aviv:

Begin the day from above, overlooking the bustling, cosmopolitan city at its highest point, before entering the local world of Levinsky market. Taste their tasty pastry offerings while absorbing the characters of Southern Tel Aviv. Ready to eat more, you will meet a renowned Israeli chef, who will have prepared for you a delicious meal in a magnificently laid out room in a winery in Wilhelma village. Walk off your meal throughout the boulevards of Tel Aviv, before bistro hopping to taste the eclectic flavors the restaurants of Tel Aviv have to offer. Make your way to a tour of the historic and significant town of Jaffa before entering a dialogue in the dark with an additional feast before going to an original and exciting show

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