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Shalom Friends, Welcome to Israel Unlimited Boutique Tours. Founded in 2008 by CEO Aviv Jasman, who has over 10 years of experience as an official tour guide, as well as, incredibly active role in Israel’s tourism industry. His Knowledge and passion for the country pride with his steadfast dedication have created wide range of services, such as private tours in Israel and Jordan, accomedations, sites and attractions. Israel Unlimited's aim is to ensure both luxurious and care- free experience in Israel. Our services feature an entirely personal meticulous planed creative approach. We have the highest level of personal private service, general advice and expertise to guarantee that our guests experience the absolutely best that Israel has to offer. We use the most experienced and charismatic guides who are all certified by the Ministry of Tourism. We offer private tours in most modern languages. Our specialty is pairing the guest’s specific desires and dreams with the best and most high quality suppliers for the most insider experiences. Whether it’s your first time in Israel or you have visited prior, we would love to welcome you to be a part of Israel unlimited family. We hope you take a journey in our beautiful land with us!

Dead Sea and Masada Tours

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The Dead Sea region is the lowest place on earth (situated 1400 feet) below sea level and is full of sunshine over 320 days a year. It has a stunning turquoise colour...Read more

Jerusalem Tours

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Welcome to the Holy land of Jerusalem. Israel Unlimited offers a wide range of guided and personal tours in the city of Jerusalem...Read more

Helicopter Tours

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Enjoy the landscapes and beauty of Israel from a “birds eye view” and choose from one of our unique helicopter tours. You will enjoy our...Read more

Tel Aviv Tours

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Tel Aviv, “the city that never sleeps”, stretches along the beautiful golden beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and is Israel’s...Read more

Culinary Tours

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Israel is a melting pot full of diverse cultures that offers many choices of cuisines from all...Read more

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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Mazel Tov on having your Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel. Israel Unlimited will design a private Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour for you and yourRead more

Petra Day Tours

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We encourage you to spend a day tour in one of the seven wonders of the world - the ancient city of...Read more

VIP Private Tours

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Israel Unlimited offers VIP Luxury Tours for individuals and groups who are looking for a more...Read more

Adventure Tours

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If you want to add a little “spice to your vacation, choose one or more of the following adventure excursions to add to your itinerary...Read more


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